What is Wishlist Buddy?

Wishlist Buddy helps you save money on the things you have in your Amazon Wishlist.

You set target prices for items, and when any of those items falls beneath that price, Wishlist Buddy emails you an alert to let you know!


Browse items in your Amazon Wish List


Tag items with what you'd like to pay


WishlistBuddy will alert you by email when items reach their desired prices (or lower)

Getting Started

Before you get started, you need a Wish List at Amazon.com (or Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr or Amazon.co.jp).

Once your Wish List is all set up, create an account here at WishlistBuddy.com, confirm your email address by clicking a link in the activation email, then log into the site and click My Wishlist.

You'll then have to tie your Amazon Wish List to your WishlistBuddy account, then you can browse your wish list and set a target price for each item on it.

The site goes to work, and every time an item in your wish list falls to or below the target you set you'll get an email to let you know!

Hate to read?

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